The first Model T just rolled into town

30 Rock is one of my favorite shows. And when Aaron Sorkin came on screen to parody his signature walk-and-talk verbal quick fire, I was more than excited. Watch the Clip!

So, is Aaron Sorkin right? Is well-crafted writing and story-telling antiquated?

You can call me a naive, but I honestly don’t believe that it is. Yes, it’s changing and no one knows what the consequences of these changes will be. But as thousands of blogs and websites, self-published e-books and twitter feeds pop up every day, it’s clear that writing – and reading – are vital to our lives today.

It is scary to think that because writing is now so fast-paced, that it will be valued less. But we still need creative, striking writing to craft brands, create a sense of belonging, build trust with customers, educate and entertain. I believe (and hope) that we’ll all eventually become better at discerning and appreciating good writing. Because these are the messages that you really contemplate and remember.

There are very few people out there who can write as cleverly and poignantly as Aaron Sorkin, but we can try.


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