What are you reading right now?

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Is reading three books at the same time a bad habit? It might be, but it’s not a habit I’m going to break anytime soon.

Right now I’m reading:

1. The Animal Dialogues by Craig Childs.
Lyrical, eloquent essays about Childs’ encounters with wild animals throughout the world. The writing is stunning. I get an adrenaline rush – even panicky – when reading about swimming with sharks or unexpectedly running into a grizzly. Then, I realize I’m still sitting on my couch!

2. The Wealthy Freelancer by Steve Slaunwhite, Pete Savage and Ed Gandia.
After reading this the first time (I’ll read it many times again, for sure), I’d recommend this book to anyone who freelances full-time or on the side. It’s worth the price just for the many practical, nuts-and-bolts tips. But the real value lies in its discussion of why people decide to break out on their own, and how to reach your larger goal of designing a stable, satisfying and flexible career.

3. I Curse the River of Time by Per Petterson.
I must warn you – this is not a beach read; it’s not a happy book. It’s a beautifully-written exploration of sadness, regret and being dropped in situations you didn’t choose. Set in the late 80s, Arvid cares for his dying mother while recovering from his divorce. His commitment to communism is shattered when the Wall is torn down, causing him to question his place in the world. It’s a lovely book and Petterson’s voice shines, but don’t read it while listening to sad music – that would be too much to handle.

How about you? Reading anything great? What’s your favorite sad book?


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