Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block, Sam Jones

How do you push past writer’s block? This image and a great blog post got me thinking about different strategies and techniques to keep writing.

I consider myself very lucky in that I don’t experience writer’s block often. Usually, all I need to jump start my writing is to switch projects for an hour or two. Let’s say I’m having difficulties with a brochure, I work on the research and outline for another project and then go back to the brochure.

Yet, there have been a few times this doesn’t work. Here are a few techniques for those situations:

1. Create a rough sketch of what you are writing. Use whatever technique works well for you – a series of bubbles shooting off from the central point, a storyboard or a mind map. I like using the mind meister app. Aim to get your ideas and thoughts on paper as quickly as possible, not to create an organized outline. Often, this non-linear approach reinvigorates your ideas.

2. Use a different medium. If you’re having trouble writing web content, use the information to write a newsletter or an annotated diagram. Some novelists do this by writing their story as a play or writing a letter from one character to another. By switching mediums, you focus on the project’s most important elements and may even discover new ones.

3. Let it marinate.
This is the hardest part for many writers, but it’s important to accept that writing takes time. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to take a break for a few hours or even a day. You’ll then return to your writing refreshed and with better ideas!

How about you? Have you ever experienced the elusive pain of writer’s block? How did you get through it? Has the experience given you more confidence as a writer?


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