Engaged Writers = Engaged Employees (Part 1)

KPMG’s What Makes A Top Employer Video Contest...Employee engagement is vital for growing your business’ bottom line. Improving engagement increases productivity rates, retention, morale, creativity and overall financial performance. How to actually go about measuring – and then improving – employee engagement is heavily debated.

Practically every business book, magazine or blog weighs in on how to develop an employee engagement strategy that gets results. Some suggest collaborative decision making, coaching programs or greater professional development opportunities.

Whatever strategy your business develops, make sure it includes engaged writing.

Engaged writers captivate readers. They understand the importance of their writing in strengthening the organization’s goals, brand and messaging. They develop new ideas and creative concepts to showcase their message – through dynamic social media, power point presentations or simply via email. Their energy and dedication shines in their writing. Engaged writers are foundational to any employee engagement program because clear, vibrant communications support and sustain larger (and more costly) employee engagement initiatives.

Engaged writers are not only dedicated copywriters or communications specialists – anyone who writes at work can (and should) be an engaged writer. In part 2, I’ll share simple techniques to become a more engaged writer at work.

How do you define “engaged writing”? Have you seen examples of this type of writing at your work? How did it help employee engagement?


2 thoughts on “Engaged Writers = Engaged Employees (Part 1)

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