Engaged Writers = Engaged Employees (Part 2)

To promote and sustain employee engagement, businesses must invest in high-quality writing and communications that captivate, motivate and inspire. Developing engaged writers is a challenging process.

All businesses, no matter their size, should start by making clear writing a top priority. When supervisors demonstrate that they value high-quality writing as vital for success, employees will engage more fully in the writing they complete every day – emails, reports, notes and presentations. Another way to improve writing engagement is to offer classes, seminars and webinars on effective communication for all employees.

The fastest technique for improving engaged writing at your office, business or corporation is to practice what you preach. Use a dynamic and engaging writing style with every single writing task that you complete. You’ll promote engaging writing as your readers learn from your example and emulate your .

Develop a more engaging writing style by:

1. Using conversational style to address the reader directly. Conversational writing is easier to understand,  comprehend and more enjoyable to read. 

2. Keeping it cogent and avoiding business buzzwords, jargon and acronyms. Write only when necessary and always stick to the message’s central purpose. Use sraightforward language that’s fast and easy to comprehend.

3. Using a positive and honest tone. Your readers appreciate your understanding of their problems and concerns; don’t avoid this issues even if they can be touchy or difficult. Instead, address these topics with openness and optimism. Upbeat language goes a long way in increasing morale.

4. Converting problems or complaints into goals. When addressing these problems or concerns, convert them into goals and explain methods for reaching these goals.

5. Anchoring all writing with your high-level communications strategy. Every writing task that you complete is an opportunity to share your business’ or corporation’s communication philosophies. Leverage these opportunities to emphasize and sustain engagement.


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