Free Productivity Tool

The rules are simple. Take the work, but never yourself, seriously. Pour in the love and whatever skill you have, and it will come out.
-Chuck Jones

Becoming a productive business writer is a difficult feat. Writing can be tedious, time-consuming and challenging, and writers often work on multiple projects at once. Many business writers struggle with finding the balance between productivity and quality. More often than not, one dominates to the detriment of the other.

I’m always looking for something to improve this balancing act with my many writing projects, organize my projects and day. In pursuing the “perfect” tool, I’ve tried dozens of productivity charts, calendars, apps and to-do lists. Along the way, I’ve developed my own worksheet that may prove useful for you in your business writing and other tasks.

Download free tool: Productivity Handout

You can customize this Word document to fit your specific business writing and productivity needs. I like to print out one handout every morning and fill out each section to plan my day. When I have an idea about a project at any time throughout the day, I jot it down in the bubble at the top left. I hope you find this handout as helpful as I do!


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