Internal Blog Topic Ideas

Whether you just began an internal blog or have been blogging for years, constantly coming up with new ideas for posts can be challenging and time-consuming. This can be painfully true for internal blogs, where it’s very easy to say the same thing over and over (and bore your readers in the process).

I’ve found a simple solution for this problem – organizing topic ideas into categories. Once you’ve mapped out the categories, you can add ideas for specific posts that fall under that category. The categories can be topics, such as “health benefits” or “career development.” There can also be posts that illustrate specific things your company or department offers. Take a look at these examples:

  1.  Resource Showcase: Highlight one resource that your business or department offers so the reader knows exactly how it benefits them and how to access this resource.
  2. Employee or Leader Profile: Interview an employee or leader to share their story, accomplishments and experiences.
  3. Customer or Client Profile: Remind your employees what it’s all about by showcasing a happy customer or client’s experience with your product or services.
  4. Reading Lists: Suggest books, articles or blogs that may interest your readers. You can post a reviews, ask readers for their reactions or promote outside resources for learning.
  5. Motivational Showcase: Challenge and inspire your readers to tackle goals by adding short, impacting posts with quotes, photos or tips.
  6. Event Showcase: Include photos and feedback from important seminars, conferences or classes. This will sustain the energy created at the event, as well as promote more attendance at the next one.

This list has only a few ideas – there are infinite possibilities. By creating these new categories and deciding on how frequently they will be published (I suggest one or two times per month for each category), you’ll be well on your way to a dynamic internal blog.


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