Some Email Mistakes


Here are a few email errors to make you smile!

~ A business friend wrote, “I enjoyed working with you and Mr. _____ on this project.” She forgot to enter our partner’s last name into the message.

~ A colleague recently asked me to ignore his previous email when his mass-communication included all his clients’ contact information. He simply entered their addresses into the “To” line instead of the “BCC” line to respect their privacy.

~ A client closed an email saying, “Hope you and your finance are doing well!” He meant to write “fiancé” instead of “finance.” Or he could have intended to write “finances.”

~ I wrote “I’ll look the presentation over one final time to check for any tpyos” to a client. I misspelled “typo” accidentally. Thankfully, we laughed about it afterwards.

We all see many email gaffes — and are even guilty of quite a few! I certainly have made my share of mistakes. Have you made any email errors? How do you prevent from sending emails with mistakes?


One thought on “Some Email Mistakes

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