Apps for More Productive Writing

I’ve been trying out a few writing apps lately and have come across a few great ones worth sharing!

  • Write Space provides a blank screen to write free of any other distractions. This Google Chrome app has the option of using a dark background, which makes it easier on your eyes to write for long periods of time.

    Write Space

  • Just Write also offers a clean, minimalistic space to get your writing done. Like Write Space, it has a full-screen mode that allows you to focus solely on getting everything written down. Best of all, these two apps have similar capabilities of other apps at no cost.

    Just Write

  • Writing every single day is one of the best habits for business writers. Yet, with all the work that needs to be done, this is incredibly difficult. The Google Chrome app Write Reminderhelps you do just this by challenging you to write at least 750 words every day. This tool has great potential for business writers and leaders to journal their ideas, thoughts about projects and practice writing skills every day. It can be completely spontaneous or structured, private or shared with all your colleagues. It makes writing a fun project that you look forward to.

    Write Reminder -- 750 Words

  • I Write Like won’t help you be more productive, but it is a fun app to share with your colleagues. Just paste in a few paragraphs of your writing to find out which famous author you write like, based on your word choice and writing style. It’s fun to see who your friends and colleagues write like — and learn who you write like. I never thought that I wrote like H.P. Lovecraft, but after using this app and reading one of his short stories, I’m happy to say it’s very accurate!

    I Write Like

  • Your Next Readis quickly becoming my new favorite app. By creating a list of books and authors you enjoy, you receive great recommendations quickly. This makes picking out a new book much less daunting, and you’re much more likely to find a great read — or a long list! I especially like how the recommendations span all genres, including professional, fiction and non-fiction.

    Your Next Read

    These are a few of my current favorites. I’m sure I’ve missed many. What do you use? What are some of your favorite apps for writing or reading?


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