Hiring a Writer: 5 Red Flags to Watch Out for

Hiring an outside writer helps you get important projects done better and faster than if you do them by yourself. A great writer is a smart investment. Sometimes, however, a writer won’t put in the time to get to know your business or your goals for a project, leading to sub-par writing. Ensure this doesn’t happen to you by watching out for these red flags:

1. The writer assumes they know everything. When you are approaching a writer about a potential project, they should ask many, many questions and listen carefully to your responses. When a writer acts as if they know everything or interrupts your responses, they probably won’t have a good idea of your business’ culture or the project’s goals.

2. The writer insists that nothing’s a problem. If a writer tells you, “Oh that’s no problem” or  “That’s easy,” you should be a bit wary. Writing is hard work and takes time, and producing a quality product should be their top priority, not getting everything to you in the next ten minutes. To make sure they take quality seriously, ask them how they’ll work on each aspect of the project specifically.

3. The writer is only interested in showing you their writing samples. Writers who are more interested in showing you their writing samples than hearing about your project won’t produce the results you need. Look for a writer with experience — and the writing samples to prove it — whose main concern is learning about every aspect of your business, project and how to exceed your expectations.

4. The writer isn’t interested in forming a relationship. Look for a writer who is interested in building a long-term relationship with you and meeting you in person as frequently as possible. When you hire a writer with a genuine interest in your business’s goals, they will provide invaluable resource many other writing projects.

5. The writer insists they’ve done lots of projects exactly like yours. All writing projects are unique — and any writer that you hire should want to craft the perfect document to suit your specific needs. A writer should describe similar projects they’ve completed, but if they seem to think “been there, done that,” your best bet is to move onto another writer.

In essence, the best business writers are those that take the time to get to know you and what you want from the writing. Best of luck!


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