Write like a Leader

Business writing can be either clear and effective, or not. Once you have the skills to write clearly and effectively, how can you distinguish yourself further? How can you write like a leader?

Take Me to Your Leader (Newsboys album)

Take Me to Your Leader (Newsboys album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No matter your position or title, you can write like a leader–so your emails, reports, speeches, presentations, etc. become appreciated, admired and welcomed by the entire organization. Here are a few tips for writing like a leader:

  1. Address issues proactively and clearly. Never shy away from something that needs to be brought to light–write professionally about it. When writing, it’s easy to limit the conversation to only what you, the writer, wants to discuss. This, however, breeds mistrust and poor engagement. When addressing important (or touchy) issues, you don’t need to be brash or confrontational, simply recognize them, state some possible solutions and ask your readers about their thoughts.
  2. Motivate others with encouragement and appreciation. All employees–no matter their position–want to be recognized for their talents, hard work and the challenges they deal with on a daily basis. Make sure that every piece of writing that comes off your desk includes a note of thanks for a past project and encouragement for the upcoming tasks.
  3. Write sincerely. In a business environment, employees get to know the writer’s personality by their writing’s style and tone. Your writing should represent who you are and what kind of leader you are. To do this, keep your writing professional and organized, and infused with your signature humor, energy, reflectiveness, thoughtfulness, etc.
  4. Articulate your vision. Leadership guides the organization in reaching its goals. Write like a leader by clearly explaining why and how specific tasks fit into the big picture. For example, when giving a presentation on product’s update, explain exactly why the product benefits from the changes, how this helps you reach target markets and reach long-term organizational goals. This can (and often should) be concise, but speaks volumes about your knowledge and drive.

How do you infuse leadership into your writing? Is anything missing from this list?


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