What are you reading?

Getting lost in a good book is one of the many joys of summer. I’m lucky to be reading a few great ones right now!

No Ordinary Time, by Doris Kearns Goodwin

This fascinating read weaves together multiple story lines–the lives of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt’s complex roles and responsibilities, as well as political, social and labor events that occurred during World War II.

It’s a monumental work in its careful, detailed portrayal of two humans and the incredible circumstances they lived in. After reading just a few pages, you’ll never think of this great American partnership in the same way. I look forward to delving into more of her biographies!

10 Steps to Successful Business Writing, by Jack Appleman

Business writing–like any skill–must be continuously honed and improved. Appleman’s nuts-and-bolts approach is useful to anyone who writes to get things done.

The 10 step program best benefits those who are just starting to think about or improve their business writing, but is also a great tool for quick–and practical–reference. I was especially impressed with his clear “business case” for good writing in the office. A great, quick read that will immediately benefit anyone’s writing!

How about you? Reading any great books right now? Pass them along!


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