Great Blogs

Blogs offer great sources for business writers–and all of us who love to learn about language and writing–to read interesting points of view, see different ideas, master skills and become inspired. Like many writers, I enjoy following different blogs, as well as discovering new ones.

Blog of the day once again

Here’s a list of blogs that I find useful and thought-provoking:

  • Richard Norquist, a professor emeritus of rhetoric and English, writes about a diverse array of topics.
  • You Don’t Say: Written by a seasoned journalist, professor and editor, this blog is filled with witty, insightful and thought-provoking articles about journalism, editing, news and the (American) English language.
  • Macmillan Dictionary: Language isn’t stagnant, so why should dictionaries? Macmillan’s blog and twitter feed are certainly vibrant, offering tips and thoughts about the English language around the world today.
  • Blue Book of Grammar: This is my favorite grammar blog because the information is so practical and concise, and there’s many practice quizzes, to boot.
  • Wall Street Journal – Style and Substance: Written from business and journalism perspectives, this blog offers insights to current linguistic and stylistic changes, and discusses how vital language is in today’s world.
  • Daily Writing Tips: Useful grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary tips to keep you on your toes.

I’d love to hear from you about what types of writing/ language blogs you enjoy reading! Which ones do you enjoy most? How often do you read blogs like these? What do you learn from reading blogs?


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