5 Ways to Improve your Business Blog

Internets = srs.biz. Parody motivator.

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Nowadays, almost all small businesses and corporations have an official blog. Thousands of employees also have their own personal blog to share thoughts and insights to fellow employees. All in all, blogging is a fixture and an important element of how we do business today.

While business blogs are plentiful, that doesn’t mean they are all good. Worse yet, a poorly-written or unprofessional blog can damage your and your company’s reputation quickly.

A vibrant and informative blog, however, can boost your personal brand, show others your expertise and fuel interest in your business. Here are 5 simple ways to improve your business blog, whether you’re writing for your customers or an internal audience:

  1. Provide lots of information and answers, not sales. The most interesting blogs don’t list the benefits of a product or service. Instead, they showcase these benefits in interesting ways. You could tell a customer’s story,  analyze a trend or answer common questions. Speak to your readers and initiate a conversation, don’t preach.
  2. Address challenges with candor. Don’t shy away from discussing your business’ problems or challenges, write about them in a straightforward and professional way. These topics draw in readers who will connect with you and your message strongly.
  3. Write well. Take the time to create well-written posts. Jargon and slang reflect poorly, no matter how common they are in conversation at your office. Your posts don’t need to be term paper-worthy, but they should have excellent grammar, spelling and structure.
  4. Make sharing and commenting easy. Create a great conversation by allowing readers to easily share your content and comment.
  5. Create a queue of finished posts. Publishing content frequently and consistently isn’t always possible! Keep the content flowing by writing several posts to go out at later times. The number of posts to queue differs for everyone, so choose what’s best for your blog.

P.S. Do you read (or write) an awesome business blog? I’d love to explore your favorites. Pass it along!


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