Hiring a Writer Series: When should you hire?

The Hiring a Writer Series examines how business owners, managers and marketers can can hire the best freelance writer for their project and establish a successful and productive relationship.

moo.com business cards

moo.com business cards (Photo credit: bargainmoose)

There are so many reasons that businesses hire an outside writer to complete a few tasks. Perhaps they have too much on their plates and need to outsource some work or maybe they want to produce something totally new, like a blog or marketing brochure, and need some outside expertise. Sometimes, businesses simply want an outside perspective or someone who can get the task done quickly. In short, hiring a talented outside writer benefits businesses in many ways.

The challenge lies in finding the right writer–and at the right time. Here are a few simple tips to get the timing right:

  1. Learn about a few potential writers well before you have a specific project in mind. Seek out information on potential writers and editors to have on file. This way, when something comes up, you have people that you can interview quickly.
  2. When a project arises, contact writers as soon as possible. This means you’ll find the right one more quickly and get the ball rolling.
  3. Plan time for the writer to gather information. Most likely, the writer won’t be completely familiar with your business, the project or your overarching goals. Give him or her at least two days to speak to employees, read and research. This step is vital for a successful end product. If they continue working for you, they will need considerably less time to research.
  4. Don’t expect the writer to devote all their time to your project. Most freelance writers juggle multiple projects at once. They can usually write very quickly after gathering all the information. When interviewing candidates, ask them how long they expect the project to take. Some writers may be able to turn your project around more quickly than others.

Check back soon for more tips for hiring a writer for your business’ projects!


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