2013 Goals


Via BDB.co.uk

First of all, thank you for your readership and support throughout 2012! It’s been a great year.

Now, onward to 2013! I want to share a few of my goals for this year pertaining to Lexington Writing Firm:

  1. Read more. I read quite a bit already, but don’t have a set time to read about business and business writing. Throughout January, I want to read pertinent blogs or books first thing every morning for fifteen minutes. I can already tell that a cup of coffee and a bit of reading is a great way to start the day!
  2. Share more real-life business writing experiences. I work for great clients and have the opportunity to write great projects. I’m very serious about protecting non-disclosure agreements, but I can (and will) share projects’ challenges and solutions.
  3. Offer more tips and tricks for email. Writing email messages is the most popular topic here, so I plan to blog more about this vital issue. I also have a few other ideas to help you write better, smarter emails in the works.
  4. Connect better. I hope to share interesting articles that I find, as well as have a few guest bloggers share their thoughts here.
  5. Loosen up. Writing about writing in business can be pretty dry stuff. Yet, in practice there’s lots of fun and humor to be found. I want to loosen up a bit here and share the less serious side of business writing.

What are your writing goals for 2013? I’d love to hear!


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