Ending that Email

Writing email can be daunting, especially when it’s an important message. Then again, when isn’t it important?

Recently, we discussed why email is so vital in business, how to write better email subject lines and how to begin an email. When writing to colleagues, supervisors and clients, your message’s final sentences will be the last things they read. Follow these simple steps to leave a great last impression!

  1. Sum up information into one – three sentences. This is especially important if your email is quite long or descriptive. In today’s business climate, we often need to relay a huge amount of information via email. A simple summary prevents communication breakdowns and ensures that everyone remains on the same page. Introduce your summary with the word “summary,” or the phrases, “in short” or “to put it briefly.” For example, SUMMARY: Due to budget adjustments (see above), we cannot restructure our leadership training course. In the next two months, we must alter and edit the existing material for the July conference. 
  2. Detail the call to action. Make sure your recipients know what you’d like them (or need them) to do with straightforward and detailed information. For example, You must attend three sales seminar or complete five online modules this quarter to fulfill your learning requirement. Don’t leave it until the last minute: sign up soon! 
  3. Sign off professionally. Use a cordial and professional salutation to end every email. Choose the best word or phrase for the email and the tone it necessitates. It’s hard to go wrong with “Best,” “Kind regards” or “Thanks.”

By ending every email effectively, you’ll improve the entire message’s impact and success.  Email moves business along, so be sure you control your message!


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