3 Benefits of Blogging Ahead

Blogging for your business increases traffic to your website, builds customer loyalty and drives sales. At such a small cost, what’s not to love?

Blogging takes lots of time and energy, often without knowing if there’s been any real return. When I work with clients creating their blog strategy and individual posts, I always preach the value of “blogging ahead” or writing posts to be published two or three weeks ahead of time.

Why is “blogging ahead” so helpful?

1. It’s more efficient and consistent. You can create a consistent schedule for your posts, so your readers will grow to rely on your blog as their go-to source for information. Writing ahead of time is also much more efficient, since you can write when you have spare time or carve out a few hours to write posts for the next month. In the end, this is faster than writing posts on the day you want them to be published.

2. You stay motivated. Blogging can be draining since you have to continually come up with new ideas and write great content. When you “blog ahead,” you write when you’re more motivated—not crunched for time. You’ll enjoy the process more and, therefore, are more likely to grow a great blog.

3. Your blog’s content is better. When you write ahead of time, you’re more likely to produce thoughtful, well-written content instead of something that’s just thrown together. Take the time to create the best articles you can and your readers will thank you with their continued readership. You can still write highly topical “spur of the moment” articles, but this shouldn’t be your blog’s foundation.

“Blogging ahead” is a great strategy. Try establishing a blog calendar or creating a “bank” of five to ten polished articles that can be published when needed. Or, consider hiring a professional blog writer to help you get started or maintain your business blog. I offer a Blog Post Package service—ten compelling posts to help you build a better blog and incite meaningful conversations.


2013 Goals


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First of all, thank you for your readership and support throughout 2012! It’s been a great year.

Now, onward to 2013! I want to share a few of my goals for this year pertaining to Lexington Writing Firm:

  1. Read more. I read quite a bit already, but don’t have a set time to read about business and business writing. Throughout January, I want to read pertinent blogs or books first thing every morning for fifteen minutes. I can already tell that a cup of coffee and a bit of reading is a great way to start the day!
  2. Share more real-life business writing experiences. I work for great clients and have the opportunity to write great projects. I’m very serious about protecting non-disclosure agreements, but I can (and will) share projects’ challenges and solutions.
  3. Offer more tips and tricks for email. Writing email messages is the most popular topic here, so I plan to blog more about this vital issue. I also have a few other ideas to help you write better, smarter emails in the works.
  4. Connect better. I hope to share interesting articles that I find, as well as have a few guest bloggers share their thoughts here.
  5. Loosen up. Writing about writing in business can be pretty dry stuff. Yet, in practice there’s lots of fun and humor to be found. I want to loosen up a bit here and share the less serious side of business writing.

What are your writing goals for 2013? I’d love to hear!

5 Ways to Improve your Business Blog

Internets = srs.biz. Parody motivator.

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Nowadays, almost all small businesses and corporations have an official blog. Thousands of employees also have their own personal blog to share thoughts and insights to fellow employees. All in all, blogging is a fixture and an important element of how we do business today.

While business blogs are plentiful, that doesn’t mean they are all good. Worse yet, a poorly-written or unprofessional blog can damage your and your company’s reputation quickly.

A vibrant and informative blog, however, can boost your personal brand, show others your expertise and fuel interest in your business. Here are 5 simple ways to improve your business blog, whether you’re writing for your customers or an internal audience:

  1. Provide lots of information and answers, not sales. The most interesting blogs don’t list the benefits of a product or service. Instead, they showcase these benefits in interesting ways. You could tell a customer’s story,  analyze a trend or answer common questions. Speak to your readers and initiate a conversation, don’t preach.
  2. Address challenges with candor. Don’t shy away from discussing your business’ problems or challenges, write about them in a straightforward and professional way. These topics draw in readers who will connect with you and your message strongly.
  3. Write well. Take the time to create well-written posts. Jargon and slang reflect poorly, no matter how common they are in conversation at your office. Your posts don’t need to be term paper-worthy, but they should have excellent grammar, spelling and structure.
  4. Make sharing and commenting easy. Create a great conversation by allowing readers to easily share your content and comment.
  5. Create a queue of finished posts. Publishing content frequently and consistently isn’t always possible! Keep the content flowing by writing several posts to go out at later times. The number of posts to queue differs for everyone, so choose what’s best for your blog.

P.S. Do you read (or write) an awesome business blog? I’d love to explore your favorites. Pass it along!



I’ve been gone from this blog too long. In the past few weeks, much of my time has been consumed blogging for a few wonderful clients—something that I really enjoy. I was also busy preparing for my wedding!

Now that the big day is over, I’m very happy to be back writing here. I have a few changes in the works, so be sure to check back often. As I improve this blog, I’d love to hear from you!

What do you enjoy reading most? What topics do you find interesting and helpful? What would you like to see more of? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts and suggestions.

5 Benefits of Blogging for your Business

Every business, large or small, has a wealth of information about their products, services and how they benefit customers. Today customers and clients really want learn as much of this information as possible before handing your their hard-earned money.

Blogging is one of the best platforms to communicate this information and share stories of how you help the community, how customers use your product in creative ways or build success with your services.

While it’s hard to gauge the financial benefits of blogging, it promotes your business in many ways:

  1. Establishing your company’s voice and brand. Your blog can develop a highly professional, knowledgeable — and human — voice for the business. By promoting your brand with conversational and approachable language, you’ll establish trust. A great example is Stonyfield Farm’s blog.
  2. Hearing directly from your customers and clients. Blogging is a great way to create a dialogue with your customers. It’s a space where readers can easily comment on your articles, thoughts and ideas; they can also share stories and pictures about their experiences and successes. One of my favorite examples is Sharpie’s blog, where customer’s artwork created with their markers are showcased.
  3. Becoming a resource for customers and clients. By writing about what you know — your area of business — you’ll establish yourself as an expert in the field. Readers will return to your blog again and again to learn. Eventually, many “repeat readers” will become customers. People Impact Practices’ blog about leadership exemplifies this.  
  4. Marketing yourself for little cost. Blogging is inexpensive and there are many important benefits. You can introduce new products, showcase successes and help spread great publicity.
  5. Creating an online presence. Search engines prefer sites that are regularly updated, so blogging gives your site’s ranking a boost.

Creating and maintaining a great business blog is hard work, but the benefits mean it’s worth the work. With a bit of planning and some time spent writing, your blog will add value, strengthen your brand and increase profits.