Hiring a Writer Series: Why Hire an Outside Writer?

The Hiring a Writer Series examines how business owners, managers and marketers can can hire the best freelance writer for their project and establish a successful, productive relationship.

English: Alexx Shaw, freelance curator and writer

English: Alexx Shaw, freelance curator and writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deciding whether or not to hire an outside writer or editor can be challenging. Often, the cheapest easiest solution seems to just do the project yourself.

Many times, however, the opposite is true: an independent writer can get the job done faster, better and, therefore, more efficiently than if done in-house.

There are so many reasons that businesses hire an outside writer to complete a few tasks. I think these reasons fall into four general categories:

1. Expertise: If you want to produce something new, like a blog or marketing brochure, then working with a writer who excels at this specific translates into a successful final project.

2. Quality: While you have extensive knowledge of your business and organization’s objectives, you may not have the knowledge of grammar, creativity or eye for detail needed to perfect the project.

3. Speed & Efficiency: Professional writers generally turn around projects very quickly. This allows you to catch up on work when you have too much on your plate and finalize larger projects that have been pushed aside for too long.

4. Outside Perspective: Sometimes all you need are “fresh eyes” to complete the task at hand successfully. An outside writer or editor offers new ideas, creative approaches and solutions to challenges.