Workbook for Organizing Writing Projects

Extensive business writing projects require careful planning and organization. When you take the time to plan, you’ll save time writing and produce a better final product. However, organizing them can be very challenging if you don’t know where to start. I spend lots of time and effort creating detailed plans for presentations, manuals and other larger communications — and have found a system that works well for me.

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Writing Supplies

A small pad of Post-It notes.

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When “back to school” time rolls around, I find myself feeling jealous of young kids – their shiny new notebooks, bright colored pencils and pens. Growing up, I always loved summer (and still do!), but also remember loving the renewed sense of focus and optimism that the each new school year brings and, of course, new school supplies.

Writing – like any other job, including school – requires many supplies. Some are basic, and others are the writer’s favorite tools for focusing and being productive. Here’s my list of supplies I use for writing and editing:

  • Legal pads for writing notes, lists, thoughts and outlines.
  • Binder for organizing projects, research and notes.
  • Dropbox to store, backup, organize and share documents.
  • Mindmeister for brain-storming and creating mind-maps.
  • Words That Sell and The Corporate Storyteller
  • Headphones to help me concentrate and write anywhere.
  • Post-It Notes, of course!

What supplies to you find helpful for your writing? Do you ever treat yourself to new office supplies, just because? What supplies are essential you to do your job well?